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Secure your property, high-value assets or facilities 24×7 by deploying autonomous drone systems using the Sabre platform.

Run automated perimeter patrols, gain real-time insights, and expedite intruder response.

A drone-based monitoring system and robust platform can be configured to run complex, automated workflows as per the client’s requisite specifications. Upon simply setting the flight path and parameters, the programmed missions have the capability to control a drone throughout its flight, from take-off to landing.

Enhanced Visibility

Drones remove blind spots & can reach inaccessible terrain.

High-quality drone cameras can capture minute details often overlooked by traditional systems.

Quicker Response

Drones reduce operational costs in the long run and reduce manual workload.

They also help in reducing risk & improving the efficiency of security personnel.

Increased ROI

Drones can be remotely dispatched on command.

To a specified GPS coordinate to assess a situation preemptively and relay critical info in real time.


Intruder Detection

Drones can be programmed to detect intruders and respond to alarms raised by external sensors.

Different parts of the security industry have differing requirements. For example, one can distinguish between two types of approaches: monitoring Lines and monitoring Sites. In-Line monitoring, fixed-wing UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) typically perform high-level highway, coastal, and border surveillance. They can also provide high-level feedback on illegal border crossing, smuggling, or wild animal traffic.

In terms of monitoring Sites, multi-rotor drones are more common. They allow for higher maneuverability and can hover more easily. Additionally, UAVs can provide live streaming of detailed data. They can follow objects or intruders from a safe distance and quickly cover a large area. They also record images that can identify whether part of a forest or a slag heap is missing. UAVs have additionally found other applications in industrial plants. They reduce the costs of detecting asset theft, as well as monitoring and verifying the quality of employee work.

Event Surveillance

Support security directors of high-impact events eg. political rallies, marathons, music shows.

UAVs are instrumental in managing the critical facets of security & safety at major events. For example, event security infrastructure, spectator and crowd control, and safety to overall health and safety planning. This includes the completion of initial security risk assessments to developing bespoke security infrastructure solutions. Areas covered include general security, such as vehicular access. Landscapes, fire evacuation procedure, and adaptation of the original building design are also covered.

In addition to monitoring and rapid reaction, UAVs can provide detailed visual documentation of sites. This enables effective analysis, risk management, and security planning. Sabre uses UAVs to supplement its security system, especially around ports. UAVs also monitor and assess the scale of accidents. This information enables authorities to delegate personnel more efficiently.

Perimeter Response

Receive real-time information of the site via live HD video surveillance both day & night.

UAVs provide a rapid response and fast “eyes” on the target area. They also provide live, real-time updates via control stations while active waypoint tracking can be maintained based on the target parameters, such as thermal signatures. A key advantage of a UAV is its ability to collect detailed imagery while not risking human to human interaction. Such imagery is ideally suited for reconnaissance or rapid situational awareness. It has an application for use by ground force units to detect and monitor potential threats from a safe distance. The use of UAVs in perimeter security can also reduce the requirement for foot patrols by security guards. In instances where deployed security guards are to adhere to specific patrolling parameters and routines, they help provide additional oversight.

The speed, size, maneuverability, and additional technologies make UAVs the perfect supplement to on-ground security. They allow security teams to perform monitoring tasks more quickly and efficiently. For this reason, drones have a competitive edge over stationary cameras, as intruders are unable to easily step out of sight. They can easily monitor and survey areas that are normally out of reach.


Special Weapons and Tactics teams, also known as SWAT teams, are elite tactical units trained to perform high-risk operations like hostage rescues.

Members of a SWAT team are uniquely elite operators, having engaged in some of the most rigorous law enforcement training available, are equipped with heavy-duty body armor, and often carry specialized firearms; they are also aided whenever possible by various forms of aerial assistance. Aerial assistance is essential in SWAT operations as it facilitates the tactical implementation of multi-angle information. This type of aerial assistance has traditionally been via helicopter.

However, one of the main problems with being dependent upon the integration of a helicopter is location. Since helicopters are not typically deployed from rural locations, response time is slower and on-ground units have to wait for aerial assistance to arrive. While helicopters have generally proven to be quite an effective tool for law enforcement, helicopters are also very noisy and costly to run because they require ongoing professional personnel to operate and maintain them. On the converse, drones provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to helicopters. These unmanned aircraft systems can deploy instantly when needed, cost significantly less than a helicopter, and also have a very low noise footprint so they’re suitable for use in sensitive missions. All of this means that drones can generally be deployed more frequently to assist SWAT teams, leading to safer and more cost-effective conditions for both team members and civilians alike.

Border Patrol

Security forces can patrol high-risk zones like borders for complete situational awareness & remote decision-making.

Sabre Defense Team offers aerial surveillance on both day and night operations using our state-of-the-art search and rescue drones which are equipped with thermal imaging cameras. Sabre utilizes ultra-quiet propellers and can run ops in stealth mode without lights to prevent detection. Subjects have no idea that our drones are tracking them in stealth mode while providing the subject’s GPS coordinates directly to the local law enforcement for quick, real-time intel to ensure rapid apprehensions. Sabre uses several forms of custom purpose-built drones designed to complete any specific mission we’re assigned.